Roommates: How To Use

A Better Way to find the perfect room or roommate! Our mission is to help you find the perfect room for rent or roommate!



  • Start by creating a free account.
  • Add some details to your profile so that tenants have the opportunity to get to know you.
  • List your room rental, home, or apartment with us. If you have more than one space to lease or do short-term/ vacation rentals, that’s okay, too. You can post them all here at no charge. Be sure to include lots of photos and descriptions of the residence and area, so that tenants get a good feeling for what the place is really like.
  • Wait for tenants to contact you and respond to as many as messages each day.
  • Speed up your search by upgrading to a premium membership.
  • Add Listing to the Megaphone on your profile. Use them to introduce yourself or give a quick tour of your rental.
  • Host a Speed Roommating event. Set a date and time and allow tenants to sign up. Then, meet them in rapid succession, like speed dating, using our live audio and video feeds.
  • Share your contact info with people you think will be great tenants. With the premium membership, you can exchange as many messages as you like until you find the best possible tenant.
  • If you have multiple rentals, or don’t find a match right away, you can host several Speed Roommating events until all your vacancies are filled.




  • Start by creating a free account.
  • Sign up for a free membership.
  • Spend a few minutes personalizing your profile so that prospective roommates can learn about you quickly and easily. Think of it like a resume, and make sure it showcases how awesome you are.
  • Search through the listings of homes or rooms for rent, and send up to five messages each day to landlords and prospective roommates when you find a place you’re interested in.
  • Make yourself stand out from other candidates by upgrading to a premium membership.
  • Upload video clips to the Megaphone on your profile. Let your personality shine and tell people what you hope to find in a roommate and new home.
  • Search through the Speed Roommating events and register to meet with roommates who seem like they’re a good match.
  • Arrive early to the event and be the first in line to meet the host. Then, spend a few minutes getting to know him or her.
  • When you find a good match, share your contact information, and negotiate a lease.
  • You can register for as many Speed Roommating sessions as you like and can send unlimited messages with a premium membership, so keep looking until you find your perfect roommate.